Deluxe RMS “Baltic” New York panorama


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Dette er et stort panoramabilde som printes ut i 3 deler for å passe i standard IKEA FISKBO-ramme uten passepartout. Kan også leveres som ett stort panoramabilde i 63×30 cm.

Fra Wikipedia:

RMS Baltic was an ocean liner of the White Star Line that sailed between 1904 and 1933. At 23,876 gross tons, she was the world’s largest ship until 1905. She was the third of a quartet of ships, all measuring over 20,000 gross register tons, dubbed The Big Four (the other three being RMS CelticRMS Cedric, and RMS Adriatic).

During her civilian career, she served between Liverpool and New York. A victim of several minor incidents during her career, she distinguished herself especially in 1909 when she came to the aid of the Republic and the Florida that had collided with each other. The Baltic‘s rescue of all passengers drew attention to the important role that the new wireless telegraphy technology could play in ensuring safety at sea. In April 1912, the Baltic also picked up distress signals from the Titanic, but was too far away to intervene during the latter’s sinking.

During World War I, the Baltic carried troops from 1915 to 1918. She survived a torpedoing attempt and transported the first American troops to Europe, with General John J. Pershing on board. After the war, the ship continued its commercial service during the 1920s. Having become too old, she was finally replaced in 1932 and scrapped the following year, after nearly thirty years of career.

Print på Epson Premium Semigloss. Originalfoto: Library of Congress. 

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